Buying a ready business in Latvia and its advantages

Jul 5, 2015 | Law

Instead of registering a company in Latvia from scratch, you have an alternative option that can be used i.e. to buy a business with ready documents.

To check the advantages of running a business in Latvia, please refer to our previous articles. If you would like to buy a business in Latvia you should be aware of such deal’s advantages and disadvantages.

Functioning company = Quick start

Buying a business, rather than registering it from the very beginning, has two important benefits which simplify your work.

The first reason is the time. Registering a company in Latvia can take up to few days. Re-registering takes only one day. Sometimes there is a need to have an already opened and fully functioning company with VAT number at your disposal. Businessmen often buy a business that we offer for sale in order to pass some tenders.

An already functioning company means that it has bank accounts opened in European banks and all the papers that have already been registered in all appropriate governmental institutions.

The second reason to purchase an operating business is its substantial time from the moment of registration. BBCRiga sells Latvian companies with clean history, operating in different fields to fully satisfy any clients.

Here are some advantages, that even a small business for sale brings to its owner.

Businesses with history have credibility

  • Quite often partners check how long do their counterparts exist before making a deal. Nobody wants to have business with a fly-by-night company. Businesses we offer for sale allow you to run a company on a serious level right away. There is no need to gain basic trust and show that you are capable to perform.
  • The same concerns financial institutions. The longer the company is on the market, the better its reputation is. A clean history of a company simplifies crediting in many ways. When making a decision, whether to give credit or not, banks obligatory pay attention to the company’s age.
  • Corporate clients search for reliable partners. Company’s age is also a criteria for the choice of counterpart. Long-lasting successful performance means, that a company will not disappear the next day. Purchasing even a small business for sale increases a chance to get serious deals.
  • And at last you should be aware that sometimes there are limits for company’s “age” for some tenders.

Registering a company in Latvia from scratch gives an opportunity to start on the European market. But be ready to be considered as a newbie in that case. This can be a red flag for your partners or financial institutions which substantially means serious risks for you as a businessman. Purchasing a company that has a good history simplifies the clients search.

What should be considered when buying a business for sale in Latvia

Business for sale means that all registration documents, including the name, field of activity and opened bank account are already in place.

What are the peculiarities?

  1. You can start working immediately. Take into account that any changes (the company name or any documentation) will have separate financial and time impact.
  2. You will have to choose the business to buy in a field, which suits you the most. Quite few companies, that offer small businesses for sale, have such a vast choice of operating fields.
  3. History is a good thing for a company, especially when this company is clean. You should be 100% sure that the company which is offered for sale will not be a pig in a poke.

BBCRiga specialises in business for sale and its support in Latvia. We offer businesses for sale and we fully guarantee the cleanliness of the business’ history, no debts of the sold company and no other unpleasant surprises. We will quickly choose the set of options for purchase, which will fully satisfy your requirements. Our offers as for registering a company in Latvia and enterprises for sale can be checked on the special section of our site.

We do not only offer businesses for sale and registration of companies in Latvia, but also provide full set of support and legal services for business in future. Accounting services for businesses in Latvia or renting of virtual office in Riga are also in scope of our activities.

To know more about all possible advantages and get free help in decision making, please contact our consultants.

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