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Company Formation in Latvia

We provide a full range of services necessary for company formation in Latvia and provide additional services, including accounting and legal services. We work with both residents and non-residents.

Latvian One-Stop-Shop company registration services.

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Accounting Services

We have been providing accounting services for businesses and private entrepreneurs for over 15 years.
We help companies from different industries with professional bookkeeping services. Full accounting services – financial accounting, tax returns, tax consultations, preparation of financial reports, etc.

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Legal Services

We offer legal services in Latvia for individuals and legal entities. We provide full legal support for your business in Latvia.

We guarantee professional legal assistance in criminal, administrative, civil cases, financial disputes, etc.

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Coworking space in Riga

Coworking is a modern workspace with separate offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and private parking. Modern office that is available 24/7.

Our cozy co-working space in Riga is suitable for both freelancers and small business owners.

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Frequently asked questions about accounting services

1. How much do accounting services cost?
The cost of accounting services can be affected by the complexity of the company’s transactions, type of business activity and tax regime, as well as the price of accounting services depends on the number of documents submitted, the number of employees and the time spent on processing.
The price of accounting services is determined for each client individually. We invite you to contact us and we will offer the best price for accounting services.
2. Do we guarantee the quality of our services?
Our accounting services are insured against civil liability, which means that we provide accounting services with a guarantee.
3. How often and in what form should documents be submitted to an accountant?
Accounting documents must be submitted at least once a month. Electronic documents can be sent by e-mail, and paper documents can be submitted at our office or delivered by courier.
4. What is the difference between an in-house accountant and an accounting outsourcing company?
Taxes must be paid for a full-time accountant even in case of illness, an employee must be provided with a place to work, equipment, etc. You won’t have these problems with an outsourced accounting company. A paid accountant will be able to cover his mistakes only in the amount of his salary, and an outsourced accounting company will give guarantees.
5. Where will the submitted documents be kept?
The original invoices, invoices and checks must be kept by the accounting company. Contracts can be transferred in the form of copies.
6. If necessary, do we represent your company in the State Revenue Service?

Yes, if necessary, we will represent your company in the State Revenue Service. We also provide communication with other government agencies.

7. What is our experience in providing accounting services?
We have 15 years of experience in completely different business sectors.
We provide accounting services to clients in various industries: retail, IT, transport and logistics, catering, etc.
8. Do we provide advice on accounting and tax accounting?
Consultations on accounting and taxation are free of charge for our clients.
And for others, the cost of a consultation depends on the complexity of the issue and the time spent on the work.

BBCRiga – business start-up and support services in Latvia

BBCRiga — accounting and legal services for small and medium businesses in Latvia

BBCRiga — accounting and legal services for small and medium businesses in Latvia

BBCRiga offers a full range of consulting services for your business, including company registration in Latvia, accounting and auditing services, legal advice, office or co-working space rental, property management, as well as visa support and assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Latvia.

A professional team of experienced and highly qualified accountants and lawyers provides a wide range of quality business services.

Professionalism, many years of experience, an honest approach, focus on results are the main principles that a company must follow in the legal field. We guarantee the effective achievement of the result within the agreed time frame at competitive prices.

We provide company registration services in Latvia and Estonia, provide accounting support services for small and medium businesses, represent clients in court, provide lawyer services and other legal services.

Contact our company to get high-quality legal or accounting services by phone +371 67-160-320 or send a request.


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