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A comprehensive approach to organizing labor relations with an EOR


Unlocking Employee Mobility in Latvia with Employer Of Record (EOR) Services

Employer Of Record (EOR) is a comprehensive approach to organizing labor relations with employees in a country where the company does not have a legal entity. Have you found a new employee in Latvia? Or perhaps your current employee would like to move to Latvia and settle here? Employer of Record is the service you are looking for!


The Employer of Record service is when one company acts as an official employer for an employee on behalf of another company. This means that the service of a legitimate employer has legal responsibilities for the employee, such as paying wages, withholding taxes and providing benefits, and filing reports. The other company for which the employee actually works is considered a client. This agreement allows the client company to outsource HR tasks and hire workers in another location or country without the need to establish a legal entity in that location.

Our employees take full responsibility for completing the necessary documents, including employment contracts, payment of wages and taxes. If necessary, we also help employees obtain or reissue a work permit if it was issued to another employer. We guarantee compliance with all legal requirements of your country, as well as the country where your employees work.

We have already helped several IT companies to employ their employees while maintaining all the social guarantees of the country of residence of employees, thereby ensuring stability and a sense of security for employees. Our experience is connected not only with local residents, but also with company employees who, for personal reasons, decided to move to Latvia and wanted to continue their employment relationship with their current employer, but having state social guarantees in their country of residence.

By choosing EOR services, you can focus on developing your business, while we take care of all issues related to the organization of labor relations. Contact us for more information about our EOR services. We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide the necessary support.

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Employer of Record (EOR) Services

BBCRiga offers a comprehensive approach to organizing the employment of employees in a country where there is no legal entity. Our experts take care of the paperwork, contracts and taxes. We help with work permits and maintain social guarantees for employees. You can focus on business, we take care of labor relations. Contact us for more information about our services.

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