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Hire employees in Latvia without the hassle and valuable time – wherever your company is located


Hiring people all over the world is much easier now than ever before. Did you find a new employee in Latvia? Or perhaps a current employee would like to move to Latvia and settle here? Employer of Record service is the service your are looking for!


What is Employer of Records (EOR)

An “Employer of Record” (EOR) service is a company that acts as the official employer for a worker on behalf of another company. This means the EOR takes on legal responsibilities for the employee, such as paying their salary, withholding taxes, and providing benefits. The other company, who the worker is actually working for, is considered the client. This arrangement allows the client company to outsource HR tasks and hire employees in a different location or country without having to establish a legal entity in that location.

What we do

Here at BBCRiga, we have one goal in mind: giving you the opportunity to build your business without the burden that comes with the hiring process in another country. We will take care of the entire local employment process, including payroll, HR, compliance and much more. Don’t worry about the legal and tax nuances – we take it upon ourselves!

Human Resources

We will look after your team and provide everything necessary for the successful work of your employees, starting with the employment contract and ending with the workplace. We tend to any tasks that may distract you and your team from achieving your business goals!

Full range of EOR services include

Processing & funding payroll

With our team of experts, running payroll has never been easier. We take care of:

  • Setting up local payroll
  • Collecting and processing time sheets
  • Paying your employees in the local currency
  • Distributing payslips
  • Depositing and filing taxes, social contributions, pensions and any other government fees
  • Handling workers’ compensation

Employee onboarding & offer management

Get your remote team onboarded quickly with the help of our legal specialists without lifting a finger.

  • We manage the entire offer management process of hiring qualified talent and offering them a position.
  • We provide an excellent onboarding experience for your team members when they start their employment with you as this is vital when it comes to retaining top skilled talent.
  • We make your team feel cared for and appreciated with an employment contract that meets local standards and a benefits package that’s both appealing and relevant for where they live.


We ensure you are fully compliant with all local legal, statutory, and regulatory requirements and obligations. No more guesswork, headaches, or unexpected surprises.

Creating & maintaining employment contracts

We create and maintain employment contracts that are in accordance with local laws and circumstances.

Maintaining the certificate of insurance

We ensure the policy is up-to-date and contains correct information to avoid any errors or legal implications that can stop you from growing your business.

Organising compliance documents

We collect and manage all required compliance documents efficiently and effectively to ensure all team members work compliantly.


Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when working with us:

No need to open an entity

You will acquire access to an international talent pool without opening a local entity.

Full employment lifecycle managed for you

We are the only all-inclusive solution you need for all your employment processes.

Your business and your team supported at all times

Our team of experts is on hand if you ever need guidance on holidays, sick leave, maternity or paternity leave, termination or local labor laws and standards.

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