Labor Disputes

Solutions for conflicts between employees and employers


Effective resolution of labour disputes: pre-trial mechanisms and advocacy

In the modern world, and particularly in Latvia, the pre-trial resolution of labor disputes holds significant importance. The field of labor relations is governed by numerous laws and regulations that define the rights and responsibilities of both employees and employers. This complex system demands a thorough understanding to avoid unpleasant situations and potential legal entanglements. It is essential to recognize that courts often tend to favor the employee’s side whenever possible.


Lawyers at our company possess a deep knowledge of labor law, legislation, procedures, and judicial practices. This expertise allows us to offer qualified assistance and advice to our clients. Our main goal is to help clients avoid lengthy and complicated litigation. We achieve this by ensuring that all relevant information specified in employment contracts, agreements, and job descriptions is thoroughly documented. We also engage in pre-trial mediation where appropriate.

The ever-changing and intricate nature of labor legislation necessitates professional guidance to navigate legal norms effectively. Our clients benefit not only from up-to-date knowledge but also from an understanding of the most effective solutions and strategies tailored to their specific circumstances.

Some of the frequently asked questions we handle during consultations and mediations include:

  1. Dismissal of employees and compensation after the probationary period ends.
  2. Violation of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.
  3. Breach of employment contract terms and failure to fulfill obligations.
  4. Violation of safety rules and actions harmful to the work environment.
  5. Damage caused to company property or reputation.

Seeking professional assistance in resolving labor disputes helps clients avoid complications, speeds up the resolution process, and minimizes risks and stress associated with litigation.

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Labor Disputes

Navigating labor disputes in Latvia demands a deep grasp of intricate laws. Our adept lawyers specialize in labor law, offering skilled guidance to sidestep lengthy litigation. We prioritize thorough documentation of contracts and agreements, employing pre-trial mediation when beneficial. Addressing concerns from dismissal to breach of contract, our professional expertise expedites resolution and minimizes risks.

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