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BBCRiga offers corporate registration services for Latvian residents and non-residents. With over 15 years of experience, we assist our clients with any tasks that may be necessary to meet their needs in Latvia and Estonia, all without the need for a personal presence.

Benefits of registering companies in Latvia with BBCRiga

Unlike most of the competitors that offer registration of companies in Latvia, we are one of the few who can boast of such work experience. Furthermore, we register companies only in Latvia and Estonia, i.e. only in the countries where we have our own offices and in-house specialists. Accordingly, we do not need to engage intermediaries, which gives us an opportunity to monitor the process completely from A to Z and offer more competitive prices.

It is important to note that recently more and more people are interested in the opportunity to open a company in Latvia and the vast majority of clients for whom we register companies remain our clients on a permanent basis. Most often this is accounting services, but also legal services and services for obtaining a residence permit in Latvia.

Recently, we have helped five large companies to complete the transfer of business to Latvia, obtaining residence permits for business owners, their families and key employees, as well as hiring local staff.

BBCRiga is a team of professionals with the help of which you can register a company in Latvia or Estonia, make changes to an existing company and receive high-quality legal support. We will provide professional advice and support from our accountants and lawyers.

Registration of companies in Latvia is our competence, more than 15 years

During more than 15 years of work (since 2004) we have registered over 300 firms and possess our own experience in more complicated processes than registration of companies. Among others, we have experience in the following areas.

Foundation of companies with complicated joint-stock and management structures

We arrange for processes of any complexity, for instance, when participants of the process are in different countries and are natural or legal persons from different jurisdictions. Besides, we register not only most common type of companies in Latvia (Ltd/ SIA) but also any other structures: joint-stock companies, branches, representations, etc (learn more about available forms of registration in Latvia – see below). Of course, we are not the only ones who can do this but thanks to our experience we can offer the easiest and shortest way, save your time and money and avoid most frequent mistakes. Moreover, legislation and regulations in the country change all the time and only continuous practice allows us to react promptly and adjust to the situation.

Changes in companies, registration of changes and reorganization of enterprises

We arranged for almost all possible modifications in the companies: of the Board and members (shareholders), reduction and increase of the authorized capital, which includes with “dilution” or without “dilution” of the other members’ shares, change of the company legal address, etc. In many cases, the processes become more complicated due to the fact that not all participants of the process are available for the document signing or even not all of them agree with it. We accept the challenge of any degree of complexity and became convinced with our personal experience that there are no conundrums.

Mergers, acquisitions and divisions of companies

Transactions of merger, acquisitions and division of companies is one another important aspect of our practice. Of course, these take place not as often as registration or modifications in the companies, but these are also higly-demanded products, both for realizable merger and acquisition transaction and as an instrument of the asset protection and reprofiling of business.

Business reorganization – cross-border merger

According to practice, very few are aware of the possibility of cross-border merger of companies within the ES, which is regulated by the ES Directive on cross-border merger of limited liability companies (Directive 2005/56/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2005 on cross-border mergers of limited liability companies). We have accomplished 4 successful projects on cross-border merger of companies between Latvia and Estonia as a result of which the company ceases to exist in one country (is liquidated by means of merger) аnd all assets of this company are transferred to the company in another country. This is a relevant opportunity of redomiciliation of the business from one country to another also used for the transfer of the business to a more favourable business and tax environment and for the protection of the ultimate owners’ assets.

Liquidation of companies in Latvia

In tax jurisdictions, such as Latvia, it is much easier to start the business than to finalize it. The option to “drop” the company is hardly most fitting because it implies administrative liability of designated persons as a minimum which later may result in unexpected common troubles (for example, in our practice we came across denial of the Schengen visa). Аnd as the plans are not always rewarding, it is critical to have an opportunity and a partner who can help to liquidate the company correctly.

Forms of registration of companies in Latvia

Despite the fact that limited liability company (Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību, in abbreviated form – SIA), is one of the most common types of enterprises in Latvia, other forms of business registration are also suitable for different types of commercial activity. For comparison of available types of business registration, we recommend to read this article in our blog. Сontact our professionals to get advice on the form of registration of companies in Latvia most suitable for your business.

The cost of setting up a company in Latvia

The cost of registration of a new firm in Latvia depends on many factors, for instance, on the type of the enterprise, authorized capital, number of co-founders and directors and the country of the documents signing. Therefore, we will need additional information from you in order to prepare a price offer. Please contact us to receive more information and specific offer.

Our services

Company registration in Latvia

Efficient Company Registration in Latvia: Realize Your Business Plans with Ease. Since 2007, we've specialized in stress-free company registration, aiding entrepreneurs in various sectors, from transport to restaurants and factories. Our expert guidance ensures compliance with Latvian laws, licenses, and permits, all while saving your time and resources for a prosperous future.

Company registration in Estonia

Efficient Company Registration Services in Estonia. With years of expertise, we handle diverse complexities, even intricate ownership structures. Our comprehensive process covers document preparation and filing with tax authorities. Navigating Estonian laws is made simple with our personalized approach, expert guidance, and dedication. Establish your successful business in Estonia seamlessly with our professional support.

Making Changes to the Commercial Register

Simplify Business Changes with Our Expert Commercial Register Services. Our team specializes in ensuring legal compliance and implementing owner-desired modifications across industries. Count on our qualified professionals for personalized advice, reliability, and confidentiality. From charter amendments to capital changes, we expedite procedures while upholding legal standards. Contact us for efficient, cost-effective solutions supporting your business growth.

Liquidation of Companies

Expert Company Liquidation Services in Latvia. When it's time to close your business, our compassionate team is here for you. We provide comprehensive assistance, from document preparation to tax submissions, ensuring compliance with Latvian law. Count on us for personalized guidance and informed decisions. If needed, we can explore alternatives like bankruptcy or merger. Contact us to navigate your unique situation.

Reorganization and Cross-Border Mergers

Experienced Company Reorganization Services in Latvia. With a 15-year track record, we excel in successful divisions, acquisitions, and mergers, both locally and across the EU. Evolving regulations demand strategic reorganization to safeguard assets and align with legal norms. Our multidisciplinary team ensures comprehensive expertise, personalized solutions, and optimal outcomes for your transformation journey.

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