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BBCRiga offers turnkey company registration services in Latvia for both residents and non-residents. With over ten years of experience, we help our customers start a company in Latvia in as short a time as possible with no personal presence required.

How to register a company in Latvia.

Please see our short video on the fastest ways of company formation in Latvia. In order to compare the available types of business registration, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this article in our blog.

Despite the fact that a Limited liability company (SIA, an abbreviation for “Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību”) is the most widespread enterprise type in Latvia, other forms of company formation may be more suitable for certain types of commercial operations. Contact our experts for advice on the most suitable form of incorporation for your business in Latvia.

The process of company formation in Latvia requires no personal presence of the customer at any stage of the process, which consists of the following steps:


Registration Application

You contact us and place an application for registration

Documents to be signed

We send the documents to your e-mail. You print those, have those signed and send back to us.

Temporary account

We open a temporary bank account for you to transfer the equity capital (in case the company being incorporated has an equity capital of less than 2800€, this step may be skipped).



We submit the documents to the Register and complete the incorporation. Should this be required, we also apply for a VAT number.

Permanent account

You open a permanent bank account. For that purpose, you presence at on of the bank’s branch offices would be preferable, through currently bank forms may still be notarized and send by mail.


How to purchase a ready-made company in Latvia

For customers willing to purchase a company with a track record and a considerable span of time since incorporation, we offer different companies from our personal portfolio. Purchasing a ready-made company in Latvia, you get a company with good history and the opportunity to register it in favour of the new owner within a single day.

The procedure of buying a ready-made company in Latvia depends on whether the company is reregistered in the customer’s name or our nominee services are used:

  1. In case the company is reregistered, the procedure will be essentially similar to the one used to incorporate a new company (see above);
  2. In case our nominee services are used, the company is ready for use right after our Due Diligence procedure is completed.

The advantages of registering or buying a company in Latvia through the mediation of BBCRiga

The process of incorporating a business in Latvia implies a number of complications, and company formation with no intermediaries requires one’s individual presence during every stage of registration. Having been operating in the realm of company incorporation in Latvia for over 10 years already, we provide our customers with the opportunity to start their business with no personal presence and no unnecessary stress, within the shortest terms possible for both residents and non-residents, offering lucrative rates at the same time. Our core advantages in the realm of company registration are:

  • Efficient and smooth-running company formation procedures in Latvia: not willing to waste your time and our own time, we make sure that a company is registered or purchased as promptly as possible;
  • Knowledge of slightest details as pertains to starting and running a business in Latvia: aside from counselling on the most suitable form of incorporation, we help our customers deal with legal issues and try to solve any potential problem proactively, at the earlier stages of the process;
  • Assemblage of a complete package of required documents: we request the entire batch of required documents from the customers willing to purchase or start a company in Latvia at the earliest stage, submitting those to the respective authorities in turn. Thus you are exempted from the need to muster new documents for incorporating a company on a regular basis;
  • Given the fact that our customer base includes businessmen from all over the world, we provide constituent documents in three languages: Latvian, English and Russian, thereby saving you the trouble of translating those in the future;
  • Assistance in opening a bank account: thanks to our cooperation with a number of banks, we offer our customers the opportunity to open a bank account in Latvia within the shortest terms possible.

How much does a Latvian company cost?

The cost of incorporating a new company in Latvia depends on a number of factors, e.g. on the form of incorporation, the fixed capital, the number of founders and directors and the country where the documents are signed. The price of a ready-made company also depends on the age of the proposed enterprise. Contact us for more information and a specific proposal.

Additional services

Aside from the services pertaining to the formation of a company in Latvia, our company provides a complete range of services for further business support and guidance, for instance:

  • Remote accounting in Latvia
  • Tax and legal consulting
  • Rent of a virtual office
  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Latvia
  • Real property maintenance

Contact our experts for more information on the services pertaining to company registration and guidance in Latvia.

How long does the registration of a company take?

In case the company has a sole founder, the time needed to incorporate the company is 1 business day after the submission of all neccessary documents. If the company has more than 1 founder, the duration of the company incorporation process is 4 business days, yet documents may be considered within 1 day provided that a triple state duty is paid. To find out the exact duration of incorporation in each individual case, please contact our specialists.

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