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How to liquidate a Latvian company

Different situations occur and you might need to liquidate a company in Latvia. It is a complicated issue so we have decided to create a separate article to describe the procedure, ins and out you will face.What is the liquidation of a company? Liquidation of a...

Advantages of running a business in Latvia

During strategical planning of business development, businessmen sooner or later come to question of tax load, logistics and human resources optimization. A lot of European entrepreneurs choose Latvia to solve these issues because of the vast possibilities this...

How can you open a bank account in Latvia?

Difficulties many do not tell you about During the process of Latvian companies registration and purchasing, our clients often ask how they can open a bank account in Latvia. The main peculiarities you should be aware of are requirements for non-residents and more...

How to get a Latvian residence permit via investing into business

Why you should consider the opportunity of getting a Latvian residence permit You can definitely run a business on Latvian territory without a residence permit but there are some complications if you need a visa to enter a state. The need to renew your visa to go to a...

Compulsory audit of the annual report in Latvia

We have already mentioned Latvian tax accounting in one of our previous articles. There are some reports that have to be submitted during the activity of any company in Latvia. We would also like to give some ideas of the certified external audit of the annual report....

Advance tax payments in Latvia

You already know that there is such a practice in Latvia to make advance tax payments (please read our article about tax reporting in Latvia). Cases when you have to pay taxes in advance According to Latvian tax legislation, a company has to pay taxes in advance if it...

Tax reporting in Latvia

A lot of businessmen decide to open a company in Latvia because of the congenial tax climate, especially for holdings. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs should be aware that there are some peculiarities of the Latvian tax legislation that they will definitely face during...

Holding regime in Latvia

Income Tax Law of Latvia was amended in 2013. These amendments have fostered a brand new investment climate and helped Latvia to become the best country for starting a holding company. What is a holding entity? During business development and territorial expansion,...

Advantages of remote accounting maintenance in Latvia

How can you get accounting maintenance in Latvia of good quality? One of the most important pillars of a business is the correct and well-timed accounting. All reports should be submitted on time to the appropriate institutions. It is not always efficient to hire your...

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