Tax Law and Tax Advice

professional guidance within the framework of tax laws and regulations


Effective tax management in business

Tax issues play a critical role in any business, and strict compliance with tax laws is essential to avoid fines and problems with tax authorities. Our company provides expert consulting services on tax matters and tax legislation. We assist with transaction planning, taking into account potential risks, and draft necessary documents to protect our clients’ interests during tax inspections, audits, and court cases. Tax issues can also arise due to disputes with partners, resulting in the non-payment of VAT to the budget for a transaction.


We strongly recommend addressing tax matters with the utmost attention. Our tax advice service offers clients answers to specific questions, signed by the tax service, eliminating doubts and concerns about future assessments by tax authorities during audits.

By entrusting your tax matters to us, you can be assured that your business will comply with tax requirements, and you will receive reliable and professional support on all tax-related matters. Don’t take risks; contact us for assistance in successfully managing your company’s tax issues.

Our services

Labor Disputes

Navigating labor disputes in Latvia demands a deep grasp of intricate laws. Our adept lawyers specialize in labor law, offering skilled guidance to sidestep lengthy litigation. We prioritize thorough documentation of contracts and agreements, employing pre-trial mediation when beneficial. Addressing concerns from dismissal to breach of contract, our professional expertise expedites resolution and minimizes risks.

Debt Collection

Our dedicated team manages debt collection, safeguarding client interests as creditors or debtors. Experienced lawyers handle documentation and disputes, specializing in tailored strategies for debt issues with partners, tax authorities, and more. Notable successes include recovering fraudulently transferred funds and resolving tax disputes, ensuring effective and efficient resolutions.

Tax Law and Tax Advice

Ensure tax compliance and expert consulting for seamless business operation. Our "tax advice" service resolves doubts about tax assessments. Trust us for professional tax support and conflict resolution among partners, owners, and founders. Safeguard your interests; contact us to manage tax issues and disputes effectively, keeping your business thriving.

Disputes between Owners, Founders, and Managers

Expert Resolution: Resolving Business Conflicts Since 2007. Our experienced team addresses corporate disputes among partners, owners, and managers. Safeguard your business through strategic handling of ownership, capital, and management issues. Trust our expertise to ensure your business continuity during disputes, protecting your interests and legacy

Representation of Interests in Court

Expertly navigate civil, labor, and commercial disputes with tailored strategies and mediation. Our experienced lawyers zealously safeguard your interests, from fund freezing under AML laws to intricate employee-related disputes. Expect top-tier legal assistance, individualized approaches, and successful outcomes when you partner with us for effective litigation resolution.

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