BBCRiga offers a full range of accounting services for any Latvian company. By entrusting the task of remote bookkeeping to us, you get a complete range of accounting services and tax advice in Latvia, thus enabling yourself to focus on the more important aspects of doing business.

How does remote accounting work?

Our experience shows that bookkeeping is the most vexatious part of company management for our customers here in Latvia. That is why we have perfected the process of remote accounting service over the years in a way that would minimize the time and effort you have to spend in this regard. In fact, your own participation in the process resolves itself to just two steps:


Delivery of primary documentation from the client

  • Bank Statemenet
  • Invoices and agreemenets
  • Information on the employees

Delivery of our report to the client

  • On one page
  • Detailed report
  • Full monthly recognition
The level of the report informativity is determined by client


Benefits of remote accounting with BBCRiga

Thanks to ten years of experience in the provision of accounting services to Latvian enterprises and the usage of cutting-edge technologies, our company is one of the leaders in the market of accounting services in Riga, working with both local and foreign customers. Our main advantages are:

  • The usage of cloud services for remote accounting, which ensures the customer’s access to invoices, excerpts and other documents online, 24/7
  • A complete range of accounting services in Latvia, from payroll calculation to document submission to the respective authorities – our customers do not have to concern themselves with local accounting peculiarities
  • Accounting advisory services – our expert team is always ready to answer your questions and provide useful advice
  • In case of an error, our liability is insured for 50 000 EUR
  • Preparation of the required documents and full guidance in case of a tax inspection

The cost of accounting services

The cost of our remote accounting services in Latvia depends on the number of employees of the firm and the amount of monthly processed documents. Such an approach to price-formation is most transparent for the clients and allows us to forecast precise accounting expenses. Use the calculator to determine the cost of the monthly support of your company or enter your email address below in order to receive a detailed price list. 

If neither of our standard offers suits you, we are always ready to develop rates with the list of required services tailor-made for you. For instance, if your volumes are beyond the scope of a standard offer or if you would like to engage us to render not full range of accounting services, but only part of the work, in addition to the staff accountants.

The cost of accounting services includes the following:

  • Employee payroll calculation
  • Accounting transaction processing
  • Report preparation and submission to the State Revenue Service
  • Receipt, processing and analysis of the primary documentation, as well as document registration and consolidation
  • Monthly preparation of operational balance sheets and profit/loss statements
  • Assets accounting
  • Sustainable access to the information through the cloud-based bookkeeping service
  • Up to 4 free hours a month of consulting on the current issues of accounting guidance
  • Bank statistics

    Additional services

    30 EUR/h ex VAT 21%

    If required, customers have access to additional accounting services charged for on a per hour basis:

    • Intrastat reports
    • Report correction
    • Cooperation with a sworn auditor
    • Additional consulting
    • Preparation of letters, applications, notices and other documents for submission to the State Revenue Services and other authorities
    • Provision of the required information in the course of thematic audits by the State Revenue Service and participation therein

    Submission of an annual statement

    The cost of submitting an annual statement, a tax statement and the addenda thereto is equal to the average monthly price of accounting services.

    Reporting periods

    Depending on the nature of business activities of a specific company, reporting periods may vary from 1 month to a year. For instance, a holding company that has no employees and no VAT number may submit an annual statement and a tax statement just once a year. Whereas a trading company purchasing goods in the European Union and exporting those to the CIS countries shall have to submit monthly VAT reports and reports on three different employment taxes.

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