Changes to the Commercial Register

Effective amendments in the LR enterprise register


Professional changes to the commercial register

Our company specializes in facilitating changes to the LR enterprise register, ensuring companies across various industries comply with legal requirements or implement changes desired by their owners. We understand the significance of such modifications, promptly notifying state institutions and managing their impact on business operations.


Our team offers an individualized approach to each situation, as we recognize the uniqueness of each case. We provide expert advice and support, guaranteeing professionalism, reliability, efficiency, and confidentiality.

Whether you need to amend the company’s charter, the composition of founders, or the authorized capital size, we are ready to assist you. Our goal is to expedite the procedure, allowing you to focus on essential tasks and business development. We ensure that all changes adhere to legal requirements and LR Enterprise Register procedures.

For any commercial register amendments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer quality services at competitive prices, guaranteeing a high level of professionalism and precision. Our mission is to ensure your business success and prosperity while saving time, stress, and money.

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Company registration in Latvia

Efficient Company Registration in Latvia: Realize Your Business Plans with Ease. Since 2007, we've specialized in stress-free company registration, aiding entrepreneurs in various sectors, from transport to restaurants and factories. Our expert guidance ensures compliance with Latvian laws, licenses, and permits, all while saving your time and resources for a prosperous future.

Company registration in Estonia

Efficient Company Registration Services in Estonia. With years of expertise, we handle diverse complexities, even intricate ownership structures. Our comprehensive process covers document preparation and filing with tax authorities. Navigating Estonian laws is made simple with our personalized approach, expert guidance, and dedication. Establish your successful business in Estonia seamlessly with our professional support.

Making Changes to the Commercial Register

Simplify Business Changes with Our Expert Commercial Register Services. Our team specializes in ensuring legal compliance and implementing owner-desired modifications across industries. Count on our qualified professionals for personalized advice, reliability, and confidentiality. From charter amendments to capital changes, we expedite procedures while upholding legal standards. Contact us for efficient, cost-effective solutions supporting your business growth.

Liquidation of Companies

Expert Company Liquidation Services in Latvia. When it's time to close your business, our compassionate team is here for you. We provide comprehensive assistance, from document preparation to tax submissions, ensuring compliance with Latvian law. Count on us for personalized guidance and informed decisions. If needed, we can explore alternatives like bankruptcy or merger. Contact us to navigate your unique situation.

Reorganization and Cross-Border Mergers

Experienced Company Reorganization Services in Latvia. With a 15-year track record, we excel in successful divisions, acquisitions, and mergers, both locally and across the EU. Evolving regulations demand strategic reorganization to safeguard assets and align with legal norms. Our multidisciplinary team ensures comprehensive expertise, personalized solutions, and optimal outcomes for your transformation journey.

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