History of the company

About us

History of the company

The company was founded in 2007 under the name Baltic Business Consulting. This is how the abbreviation BBC appeared and took root, it is not connected to the English TV channel of the same name.




Along with the provision of consulting services in the field of finance and business management, we began to provide the so-called virtual office service. At that time, this service was completely new – about us were even several articles in the newspapers.



Company registration and accounting

Often, along with a package of virtual office services, clients also required the registration of a company and its further support in the form of accounting and legal services. We noticed that the same services that are offered on the market for residents and non-residents of Latvia differ in prices by several times, or even higher… Our initial concept was to eliminate this injustice and the first slogan was formulated as: “services to non-residents at residential prices”. That is how appeared 3 main directions of our activity, which are still relevant today. And although the virtual office service has transformed over time into coworking, otherwise, practically nothing has changed.



Real estate

Some of our clients were actively investing in real estate and this prompted us to develop a new direction. Learning, for the most part in practice, over the years we have achieved a lot. For 10 years, the real estate portfolio under our management has exceeded 10,000 m2, and now consists of various assets, including office buildings, a shopping center and a pool of apartments and condominiums.



Business immigration
The main impetus for the development of business immigration to Latvia was the program adopted in 2010, commonly known as “residence permit in exchange for real estate” (to obtain a residence permit, it was enough to buy a small piece of real estate in Latvia). The program was conceived as a measure to restore the real estate market after the 2008 crisis and was a resounding success. In addition to real estate, we focused on less popular, but still in demand products related to business relocation to Latvia. And if the residence permit program in exchange for real estate actually ceased to exist in 2014, then business relocation is still relevant and we have vast experience in implementing such projects.


Office in Tallinn

The opening of the Tallinn office was mainly interesting because of the tax system that has existed in Estonia since 2003 without significant changes. The bottom line is that the company does not pay income tax until the distribution of dividends. In 2018, Latvia actually copied the Estonian tax regime, but by that time the Tallinn office had already proven itself perfectly, it is still working and actually duplicates the Riga office, offering a similar package of services in Estonia.




Since 2020, we have been developing a new direction related to personnel management. This is due to an elementary shortage of skilled labor in Latvia. We have already helped many of our clients to solve the problems associated with the search and selection of personnel, including attracting workers from abroad.


Present day

We do not rest on our laurels and try to use any opportunities and technologies to offer our customers a wider and better range of services in demand.