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In brief

With over a decade of experience in investment property management, our company has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive services since 2010.

Our expertise covers various aspects of investment property management, such as property search and acquisition, construction and renovation oversight, lease management, maintenance, and property sales.

We specialize in managing both: commercial properties, such as office buildings or shopping centers, and residential properties, primarily focusing on short-term rental guest apartments. As of 2023, property portfolio under our management exceeds 10,000 square meters and continues to grow.

Our top priority in property management is to maximize efficiency and profitability for our clients. We prioritize open communication and promptly respond to our clients’ needs and requirements. All our management decisions are based on our professional experience and in-depth knowledge of the property industry, ensuring the economic benefit of our clients.

Our services

Commercial Facility Management

Our company has 10 years of experience in commercial property management and specializes in investment property management. We offer a range of services including tenant acquisition, operations management, personnel management, financial management, planning and strategic development, and legal support. Contact us for more information.

Apartment Property Management

We have been specializing in apartment property management since 2017, offering both long-term and short-term rental management services. Leveraging our accumulated knowledge and experience, we effectively manage apartment properties, providing high profitability regardless of the rental type chosen.

Management of Apartments for Long-Term Rental

Management of long-term rental apartments includes tenant search, inspection and preparation of apartments, contracting, financial management, maintenance, communication with tenants and possible termination of agreements. Pricing includes tenant search and long-term management fees. Amounts may vary depending on conditions and property features.

Apartment Management for Short-Term Rentals

We have been managing short-term apartment rentals since 2017. Key steps include marketing and advertising, booking and inquiry management, guest check-in, communication and support, cleaning and maintenance, and financial management. We start by familiarizing ourselves with the property, calculating yields and signing a contract. We provide a stable income from the property.


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Our projects

Find out more about our projects in the field of property management. The examples presented clearly demonstrate our experience, professionalism and quality of services provided. We are proud of our achievements and are always ready to share completed projects so that you can be convinced of our ability to effectively manage real estate and achieve the desired results for our clients.

Trust the professionals - we've been providing real estate services for over 13 years!