Business in Latvia: an infographic with the main outcomes of 2014


Early this year, we have created infographics reflecting the primary business result indices and trends in Latvia for 2014.

Having studied various sources and gathered information on the most interesting data pertaining to business in Latvia, we have provided a visual reflection thereof in the infographics as provided below.

Business in Latvia: an infographic with the main outcomes of 2014
A study of the key factors from different sources has lead us to the conclusion that the business environment in Latvia improves with each year. Primarily, this is demonstrated by the undying interest about investments into Latvian companies on part of foreign entrepreneurs. Apart from that, all the more investors become interested in obtaining a residence permit in Latvia, showing special interest towards luxury-class real estate in the country. The opportunity to obtain a residence permit was most popular with the citizens of Russia, China and Ukraine. Apart from investors, 2014 has also proved to be a successful year for the general population as well, which is evidenced by the growth of average salary by 8%.

In total, 14 812 entrepreneurs have decided to open a company in Latvia in 2014, which is 10% less than in 2013. In 93% of the cases, the preferred form of business organization was the limited liability company.

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