Remote incorporation of Latvian companies only for €178

Jun 15, 2015 | Law

Remote incorporation of Latvian companies only for €178

Due to an increased demand of Latvian firms among Estonians, only this Summer BBCRiga is offering turnkey remote registration of Latvian companies for Estonian residents only for €178!

What is included in the price?

  • The company incorporation fee of €178 includes:
  • Remote microenterprise registration within 4 working days (for a single founder with a valid Estonian digi-ID)
  • Assistance in opening of a bank account
  • All government fees
  • Rent of a legal address for 3 months

Basically, for €178 you will receive a fully incorporated Latvian company within 4 days after submission of all necessary documents. No additional charges, no hidden costs.

In addition to a reduced company incorporation price, we also offer a 20% discount for the first year of our accounting services. Our current accounting rates can be estimated using the calculator on this page.

Prices for the rent of a legal address starting from the 4th month can be found here.

Contact us to get more information or start the registration process!

Why a Latvian company?

A Latvian tax system is developed in order to support small enterprises and startups. For such companies, a micro-enterprise is often the best choice.

Registration of a Latvian micro-enterprise enables to pay a turnover tax of only 9% within the first three years of operation. After three years, this tax grows up to 12%. The turnover tax substitutes other taxes, such as income tax for the company and its employees, as well as social taxes for the workers.

In order to run company as a micro-enterprise and therefore be eligible for this facilitated taxation scheme, the following conditions must be met:

  • yearly turnover does not exceed 100 000 Euros;
  • only individuals are allowed as founders;
  • the number of employees does not exceed 5;
  • the salary of each employee does not exceed 720 Euros.

Why BBCRiga?

With over 10 years of experience and 200 active customers, BBCRiga offers its clients lowest company registration prices combined with the most efficient processes and the best service. Besides incorporation of companies in Latvia, we offer our clients the full range of support services, such as remote accounting, legal advice and virtual office facilities.

Contact us to register a company in Latvia only for €178!

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