Real property management in Latvia

BBCRiga offers property management services in Riga, Jurmala and the Riga District. We put our best effort so that the owners of commercial premises would have no practical concerns to worry about as pertains to the management of their property.

The range of property management services in Latvia

Generally speaking, our company undertakes the entire scope of practical and current issues pertaining to the management of any real property. Relying on our experience in dealing with lots of commercial real estate objects, we have developed the most simple and effective algorithms for solving any issues or problems that might arise. The real property management service range provided by BBCRiga includes four fundamental services:
  • Operation of real property: all issues pertaining to the physical condition of your real property and any current works as might be required. From repairs and premise and façade renovation to regular communication maintenance and supervision over the general condition of real property.
  • Real property management in Latvia: any organizational issues arising in relation to the ownership of real property. This includes searching for potential leaseholders, making contracts with utility service providers, real property insurance and up to regular cleaning in the premises and within the adjacent territory, hanging out flags on public holidays, waste removal, organization of security services and many more.
  • Financial issues: Bookkeeping in respect of different projects, issuance of invoices to leaseholders, collection of and control over rent payments, receipt and payment of utility bills and subcontractor invoices.
  • Legal issues: formation of rent contracts, representation of the owner's interests in emergency situations, etc.

Our works

Complex of administrative buildings in Riga, on Unijas street. Total building area 3500 m2 and territory area of 9600 m2. Starting with 2011, we manage the whole territory and buildings and provide a full range of financial services.

Complex of administrative buildings in Riga, on Matisa street. Total area of the buildings 2500 m2 and the territory area - 4000 m2. Starting with 2011, we manage the whole territory, buildings and parking and provide a full range of financial services.

Commercial space on Brivibas street in Riga. Total area 200 m2. Starting from 2011 we manage the premises and provide full range of financial services.

Administrative building and restaurant on Lacpesa street in Riga. Total area - 1000 m2. Starting from 2014 we manage the whole building and provide a full range of financial services.

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