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Лондон для небогатых, 15 November 2015
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Features of Virtual Office in Latvia

Offshorewealth, 10 June 2013
In light of the fact that in recent years Latvia acquires the status of an increasingly popular jurisdiction in international business, virtual office service is especially popular. The supervisory authorities and the requirements of the law are no longer satisfied that the company has a registered office in the form of one-bedroom apartments, where are more than 20 companies. Therefore, the address of your company should be reliable and preferably accompanied by such office services such as telephone, fax, website, mail, etc.
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Holding regime in Latvia: Perspectives for Development

Business & Baltia, 07 December 2012
As our company is closely monitoring what is said and written about it, I can say that since the introduction of amendments to the law "On the Corporate Tax" was made quite a lot of diverse opinions. Many say that the country is not ready or that a country does not have adequate confidence or that Latvia is not associated with such jurisdictions as Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands, etc. On the other hand, there are many positive reviews the geographical proximity to the CIS, developed banking system, competitive prices, the use of the Russian language, etc. One thing is for sure: had never was felt that this decision - stupid or harmful for the country. Yes, there are questions, fears, doubts, but that in general the trend is correct - it is unique - concluded I.Oks, managing partner of consulting company Baltic Business Consulting.
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Is the Latvia ready to the creation of holding companies?

Business & Baltia, Forum, 21 September 2012
According to Igor Oks, managing partner of consulting firm Baltic Business Consulting, you must clearly understand that along with the introduction of a holding regime, Latvia goes to a whole new market for it, which will have to compete with such popular jurisdictions such as the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Malta. "At the same time, I believe that the country has all the chances to firmly occupy a niche in this market. Just for this it is necessary to accurately determine his client. A defining client, you can work on improving competitiveness," - said in a conversation with the "Forum" Igor Oks.
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SRS and the taxpayers do not understand each other

Business & Baltia, Banking & Finance, 15 June 2012
Indistinct wording of the law "On Personal Income Tax" give SRS ample opportunity to recognize as the economic activity almost any real estate transaction and force the seller to pay the tax. "Nowhere the law does say that the SRS has similar powers to recognize or not to recognize the economic activity", - explained the "Banking & Finance" Igor Dzivaga, lawyer at consulting company Baltic Business Consulting.
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Customers require from lawyers confidence

Business & Baltia, 09 December 2011
According to the opinion of BALTIC BUSINESS CONSULTING, real estate transactions almost lost the middle class clients - now there ar only ones having sufficient funds. Middle-class people trying to solve the problems on their own, as they often can not afford a qualified lawyer.
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How to rent the entire business

Business & Baltia, 12 August 2009
If the company has to "optimize" to the few people staff, in some situations it makes sense to think about how to work at home, and for the prestige and rare meetings with partners and clients to use the services of virtual offices. Such services in Riga offer a number of companies and business centers: for example, Rīgas ofisa centrs or Baltic Business Consulting.
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Virtual office

Business & Baltia, 18 November 2007
A new kind of business in Latvia - virtual offices. You can rent a mailing address, which is usually located somewhere in the city center - on Skolas or Antonijas street, or in a respectable office building. Such address on the business card looks impressive. Company Baltic Business Consulting, for example, offers a service even better. Service called "real office"...
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