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Real economic substance in Latvia or Estonia
How can you open a bank account in Latvia?
Holding regime in Latvia
What is the purpose of having a virtual office in Latvia
Which forms of company incorporation exist in Latvia

Real economic substance in Latvia or Estonia

04 May 2017
Substance and its related concepts such as Economic substance and Real substance become key concepts in today's world of international tax planning. The reason is that Substance is an important part of several judicial doctrines at the same time.
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Moving a business to Latvia

08 December 2015
Why moving a business to another country?

You should think over moving a business to another country, if the current conditions are unsuitable or it is meaningless to have an activity in the former location. Changes in legislation, high cost of workforce, unstable conditions in a region can be reasons to switch location.
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How to liquidate a Latvian company

15 November 2015
Different situations occur and you might need to liquidate a company in Latvia. It is a complicated issue so we have decided to create a separate article to describe the procedure, ins and out you will face.

What is the liquidation of a company?
Liquidation of a company is the process of legal entity existence termination by entering a special note to Latvian Republic Companies’ Register Commercial Register.
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Advantages of running a business in Latvia

05 November 2015
During strategical planning of business development, businessmen sooner or later come to question of tax load, logistics and human resources optimization. A lot of European entrepreneurs choose Latvia to solve these issues because of the vast possibilities this country brings.

Latvia is located on the periphery of the EU and that is why it is perfect for logistics and managerial center creation. It is perfect for those who are actively trading with CIS countries.
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How can you open a bank account in Latvia?

27 October 2015
Difficulties many do not tell you about

During the process of Latvian companies registration and purchasing, our clients often ask how they can open a bank account in Latvia. The main peculiarities you should be aware of are requirements for non-residents and more complicated for account-opening procedures in Latvia. Why is it so?

Many complications appear because of international legislation on anti-money laundering and terrorist financing prevention. This is the main reason why banks have to know well their client and take a close look to their finance sources, company’s branches activity and its beneficiaries.
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How to get a Latvian residence permit via investing into business

07 October 2015
Why you should consider the opportunity of getting a Latvian residence permit

You can definitely run a business on Latvian territory without residence permit but there are some complications, if you need visa to enter a state.
  • A need to renew your visa to go country
  • You will not be able to stay on Latvian territory more, than 90 days in half a year.
If you are planning to have a lot of business trips and your personal presence is needed in Latvia, it becomes a problem.
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Compulsory audit of the annual report in Latvia

30 September 2015
We have already mentioned Latvian tax accounting in one of our previous articles. There are some reports that have to be submitted during the activity of any company in Latvia. We would also like to give some ideas of the certified external audit of the annual report.
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Advance tax payments in Latvia

04 September 2015
You already know that there is such a practice in Latvia to make advance tax payments (please read our article about tax reporting in Latvia )

Cases when you have to pay taxes in advance

According to Latvian tax legislation, a company has to pay taxes in advance if it was profitable last year. It means that you have to pay an estimated amount of income tax in Latvia each month in equal parts (not at the end of the year).
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Tax reporting in Latvia

17 August 2015
A lot of businessmen decide to open a company in Latvia because of the congenial tax climate, especially for holdings. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs should be aware that there are some peculiarities of the Latvian tax legislation that they will definitely face during reporting.
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Holding regime in Latvia

02 August 2015
Income Tax Law of Latvia was amended in 2013. These amendments have fostered a brand new investment climate and helped Latvia to become the best country for starting a holding company.
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Advantages of remote accounting maintenance in Latvia

21 July 2015
How can you get accounting maintenance in Latvia of good quality?

One of the most important pillars of a business is the correct and well-timed accounting. All reports should be submitted on time to the appropriate institutions.

It is not always efficient to hire your own accountant in Latvia and there are a few reasons for that. For instance, there could be not enough work for the new employee, or there could be no office at all in Latvia. Staff optimization program can also become a hurdle for the employment of a new accountant.
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Buying a ready business in Latvia and its advantages

05 July 2015
Instead of registering a company in Latvia from scratch, you have an alternative option that can be used i.e. to buy a business with ready documents.

To check the advantages of running a business in Latvia, please refer to our previous articles. If you would like to buy a business in Latvia you should be aware of such deal’s advantages and disadvantages.
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Remote incorporation of Latvian companies only for €178

19 June 2015
Due to an increased demand of Latvian firms among Estonians, only this Summer BBCRiga is offering turnkey remote registration of Latvian companies for Estonian residents only for €178!
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Participation in the international conference and exhibition "Intax Expo Russia 2015"

06 May 2015

On the 29th of April 2015 SIA Baltic Business Consulting has signed a contract Nr.L-ĀTA-15-2782 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia about performance of the project "Participation in the international conference and exhibition "Intax Expo Russia 2015" (Nr.ĀTA/", which is being co-financed by ERAF.
Tags: Latvia, expo
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Business in Latvia: an infographic with the main outcomes of 2014

26 March 2015

Early this year, we have created infographics reflecting the primary business result indices and trends in Latvia for 2014.

Having studied various sources and gathered information on the most interesting data pertaining to business in Latvia, we have provided a visual reflection thereof in the infographics as provided below.
business in latvia

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What is the purpose of having a virtual office in Latvia

02 March 2015
Development of the Internet and communication technologies makes doing your business remotely ever more simple. Nowadays, the presence of a company in a foreign market no longer requires costly rent of premises and maintenance of a dedicated office. Thanks to the availability of remote communications, entrepreneurs often resort to creating virtual offices of their companies in foreign countries, letting professionals take care of the practical issues, thereby saving their costs considerably.

Being one of the first companies in Latvia to start providing virtual office services in Riga, we would like to share our knowledge and experience in this industry.
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Which forms of company incorporation exist in Latvia

24 February 2015
Having decided to do business in Latvia, the next thing one to do is to select the most appropriate form of incorporation for the intended commercial operations. In this article, we have provided a summary of all possible forms of enterprises, which differ in terms of corporate structure.
Types of companies in Latvia
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