Opening a bank account in a Latvian or foreign bank

We maintain cooperation with numerous banks and have formidable experience in the realm of customer guidance pertaining to opening a bank account. We will help you choose the right bank, assemble the documentation package with speed and precision, fill out the bank’s forms, provide recommendations and schedule meetings. In certain situations, we can certify the documents and carry out the customer identification procedure ourselves, which boosts the process of opening a bank account considerable.

Yet, due to the fact that it often requires personal presence in order to open a bank account, we have compiled a table summarizing the complete list of representative and branch offices of the banks we cooperate with.

We cooperate with the following Latvian banks

Foreign banks

www.loyalbank.comSaint Vincent and the Grenadines

How much does it cost to open a bank account

We shall open a bank account for a company that you register or purchase through our mediation in any bank of Latvia for just 50 EUR. In any other case, opening an account in a Latvian bank costs 100 to 200 EUR, which is 300 to 500 EUR in any other bank.

How to open a bank account

In most cases, banks do require your personal presence at one of the branch offices, however it depends on the bank’s policy.

In case our company is entitled to carry out the customer identification process and certify the bank’s forms independently pursuant to the agreement made with the respective bank, no personal presence in the bank will be required. Apart from that, in some instances a bank’s forms may be signed through the mediation of notarization. 
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